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Basic Plan

When You Need Just One Site.

29.99 USD save 66%


when you renew $16.49 - 12 Months

  • Icon 2 Core vCPU
  • Icon 2 GB Memory (RAM)
  • Icon 40 GB SSD Storage
  • Icon Multi-Core Geekbench Score 991
  • Icon Bandwidth 1 TB
  • Icon Inode Limit 2 621 440
  • Icon Dedicated IP
  • Icon Full Root Access
  • Icon 100 Mb/s Network
  • Icon IPV4 & IPV6 Support
  • Icon 24/7/365 Support

Enterprise Plan

With Added Privacy & Security Features.

99.99 USD save 40%


when you renew $54.99 - 12 Months

  • Icon 6 Core vCPU
  • Icon 4 GB Memory (RAM)
  • Icon 250 GB SSD Storage
  • Icon Multi-Core Geekbench Score 1 770
  • Icon Bandwidth 3 TB
  • Icon Inode Limit 5 242 880
  • Icon Dedicated IP
  • Icon Full Root Access
  • Icon 100 Mb/s Network
  • Icon IPV4 & IPV6 Support
  • Icon 24/7/365 Support

Be in Full Control With VPS Hosting

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SSD and Processing Power
All of our servers come with the latest Intel Xeon processors, terabytes of NVMe SSD disk space, and 512 GB of RAM per server. This provides you with enough processing power for any type of medium or large-scale online project.

100 Mb/s Network
Enjoy impressively fast website loading times and a 99.99% server uptime guarantee. Let your visitors enjoy a smooth user experience without worrying about unexpected downtimes.

NFS Support
Forget location limitations and have access to all data and files through the Network File System. Mount an additional remote NFS and expand your available server space.

Full Root Access
Have complete control over your hosting environment by taking advantage of the full root access. Customize your VPS to your liking and track all resources in real-time.

Dedicated IPv6
With our native /64 IPv6 block infrastructure you will avoid latency, networking issues, and blacklisting. Keep your connections secure and efficient, whilst using the latest IP technologies.

Backups and Snapshots
Rest assured that your website can be restored within minutes thanks to automated backups and manual live snapshots.

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Design Tools

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