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Host Click Content Philosophy

Freedom of Expression at Host Click.


At Host Click, our mission is to make opportunity inclusive for all. We believe the diversity of ideas and the freedom of expression are critical to healthy societies and economies. We strongly support a free and open Internet, as a forum of expression. Free expression is a cherished value — it protects and empowers people to express their beliefs. Equally important, it protects people from those that would silence them. We believe that the right to the freedom of expression applies to all, even those with whom many may disagree.

We are often asked to take action on content that others find objectionable. Because we believe everyone is entitled to their own perspectives and opinions, we will refrain from taking action unless the content falls into a few important categories identified in the Host Click Universal Terms of Service. Importantly, it is a violation of our policy to use our services to promote, encourage or engage in violence. If content goes beyond the exercise of expression and crosses over to inciting violence, we will take appropriate action. In addition, we do not allow our services to be used for any illegal activity, including, but not limited to, the exploitation of children or the proliferation of child sexual abuse material, promoting or engaging in terrorism, selling prescription medicine without a valid prescription, and fraudulent activity. Host Click has a dedicated team to review each submitted content complaint to determine whether the content violates our policies and, if it does, to take the appropriate action.

Making opportunity inclusive for all means we welcome a wide range of opinions and perspectives. While the Internet can admittedly be messy, we still believe it is a privilege to provide a platform for sharing ideas, even if, sometimes, those ideas aren’t consistent with our own corporate values.

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