Server Management

Do you have a large website with huge taffic ?

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Using Managed Server solution from Hostckick

If you want to shift focus completely on business expansion, then sooner or later you will have to park your website administrative needs to a reliable source.

Managed dedicated server hosting is your best bet if you are an online business dealing with heavy traffic. It helps in saving overall costs by managing your infrastructure needs.

After thoughtful market research, we have come up with a list that will help you choose the right managed server solution for your business.

Why is managed server hosting the right choice for your business?
Managed server hosting is like renting a storage space from a managed server provider and letting them manage your rack space depending on the upgrade or downgrade of bandwidth.

5 reasons why buying a managed server from Hostclick :-

1-Reduced Operating Costs
Unmanaged hosting servers incur a lot of hidden costs that companies overlook initially but they really hamper the finances in the longer run. Managed dedicated server companies have managed server that offers stress-free outsourcing of the administrative needs to a third party and thus eliminate the extra costs.

2-Server Monitoring
These services are flexible in nature and ensure continuous monitoring of the servers so that the website runs seamlessly. It also detects vulnerabilities and reduces the risk of website downtime. Buying a managed server from a reliable managed server provider can be significant.

3-Expert Security and Control
The user being a single tenant has full control over the hardware, software, and other operating systems that are managed by the hosting provider. While you focus on the business, managed dedicated server companies will run regular viral scans, audit, and update the OS.

4-Performance and Innovation
Managed dedicated server companies minimize cloud storage wastage and adjust as per the customer demands to enhance performance and push the companies towards innovation.

5-Staying Compliant
Managed dedicated server companies are the preferred partners for websites that run highly regulated data. They free up the time for you to focus on business development while they keep a close watch on the website so you stay compliant with the changing laws and data safer than ever.

In Hostclick, managed dedicated server hosting is designed to leave you with ample time and energy to expand the business.

More about server management solutions

Backup and disaster recovery
While security and maintaining uptime is the utmost priority of any managed dedicated server hosting provider, unavoidable disasters are a possibility. Look for a managed server provider who can help backup the critical information and has recovery protocols in place to bring the business up and running in a short time.

Server maintenance
Look for a managed server provider that offers a dedicated resource to manage the server as and when needed so that your in-house IT staff can focus on other business needs.

Dedicated support
Your website deserves 24*7 emergency support. Having dedicated support will relieve you from training your staff without compromising on expert advice. Choose a managed dedicated server hosting provider who offers 24/7 dedicated support.

The managed dedicated server hosting should be flexible enough to adjust seamlessly to step-up and step-down in the business needs without making significant changes in the infrastructure.

Hardware and OS choices
Every business is different and uses a different set of OS and hardware to operate. Look for a managed server provider that offers flexibility in choosing the hardware and OS as per the business.

A properly managed dedicated server hosting solution will not only enhance the performance of the website but also ensure that you are ready for the scale without added costs. Choose from our list of top-rated managed dedicated server companies and get going.