About Us

It is an international Arab company that has existed since 2010 and is considered the best company for renting private servers in the Arab world. It is located in Saudi Arabia and has other branches in Egypt and France. It has a professional team with extensive experience that extends for decades and is able to solve all technical problems quickly and professionally Through the latest software and applications.

HostClick is a pioneer in private server rental services (virtual cloud servers), and owns its own resources and is therefore able to control prices and provide full service to the customer according to his needs and desires at competitive prices. It is characterized by the presence of Arabic and English technical support 24 hours a week.

Why is HostClick the best company for renting private servers in the country?

Providing technical support and solving any problems 24 hours a day during the week

A professional team and engineers with decades of experience

Using the latest software to provide the best facilities to all customers

Responsible for cloud server infrastructure

The service can be provided globally, as our offices are located in different places around the world

We have a high ability to customization according to the client’s desires and business needs. We have different packages that you can choose the package that suits your needs and the way you work, so we are the best.


We are here to help you start your online journey

Since its inception in 2011, HostClick has been concerned with providing hosting services that make the tasks of developers and their customers easier. We deliver on our promise by constantly updating server technology, improving customer support, and tuning the hPanel designed in our offices.

Where commitment meets efficiency

We believe, like most of you, that success comes through daily hard work. Seeing over a million content creators now all trust their websites is the best reward and inspiration for us.

HostClick, which is based in Kaunas, Lithuania, is the fastest growing hosting company in 2020*. It also includes the Zyro and Niaga Hosting website builder brands.

*Recognized by market authority Bitcatcha.

Our strengths are

Smooth management tools

For web professionals and those about to host their first website.


Site speed

that allow people to grow as website builders and business owners.


Dedicated support 24/7 in your native language

Every committed internet enthusiast has an ambition to revolutionize the web world.

Rapid innovation

We believe that rapid growth comes through rapid adaptation to the latest technological developments. To maintain maximum speed and efficiency for our customers, we are constantly improving our server infrastructure with advanced anti-DDoS solutions, LiteSpeed engines and hPanel built in our offices.

Passionate professionals are the real heroes

The company is growing as fast as the people who work here. HostClick offers the perfect environment for personal development. Being part of such a huge team makes us happy and committed to the success of our clients. If you're ready to start the buzzing life - join HostClick!

We listen to you, before we talk to you

The customer is the highest position at HostClick. They contribute to our product development by providing us with feedback and complaints. We also get a lot of praise. Our excellent scores on Trustpilot and Reclame Aqui indicate that we are on the right track.

Our Clients Words

But don’t just take our word for it

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